USS H. B. WILSON DDG-7   WESTPAC 1975 (page 8)
30 January - 02 September

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Deck Log see below pictures .....

USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7)

May 15, 1975
Time: 0000 2051 (last entry)
Passage from Subic Bay to Gulf of Thailand
Note: The USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7) deck log entries have been transcribed by; James D. Hoey (Ret. USN, LT/LDO) from the original
deck log obtained from the National Archives and a copy resides at the
Koh Tang Beach Vets: website

Time: 0000
The ship is steaming independently from Subic Bay RP to the Kohtang Island in the Gulf of Thailand. OTT and SCPA and ships commanding officer 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B generators and all four boilers are online. Expect to turn North around the Vietnam peninsula into the Gulf of Thailand within the hour. The ship is darkened and the running without navigational lights. Material condition Yoke is set and condition of readiness Three is set.
JOOD ENS Gatewood BMOW BM3 Brown
ASROC All Secure
Time: 0030
ASROC all secure.
Time: 0056
Right 5 Degrees Rudder, Course 240, Bearing 286
Time: 0107
ASROC All Secure, Sounding and Security All Secure
Time: 0136
ASROC All Secure
Time: 0204
ASROC All Secure, Sounding and Security All Secure
Time: 0300
ASROC All Secure
Time: 0304
Sounding and Security All Secure
Time: 0313
Right 5 Degrees Rudder
Time: 0335
ASROC All Secure
LTJG Furlong assumed the CONN and LT Achenboca assumed the deck
Time: 0400 - 0800
OOD LT Achenboca BMOW QMSN Ford
Sounding and Security All Secure
ASROC All Secure
ASROC All Secure
Sounding and Security All Secure
ASROC All Secure
ASROC All Secure
Execute Sunrise
Sounding and Security All Secure
Time: 0609
ASROC All Secure
Time: 0656
LTJG L. Hall Assumed the Deck
JOOD ENS Gateway BMOW BM3 Brown
Underway as before
ASROC All Secure
Time: 0659
Course 319 Visually sighted kas Tang Island at 319 Degrees (T), at
Range 20 miles
Time: 0705
Sounding and Security All Secure
Time: 0707
ENS Gateway Assumed the Conn
Time: 0709
LT Achebaugh Assumed the Deck
Time: 0710 Sounded General Quarters, All Hands to Battle Stations
Time: 0712
Condition Zebra Set Throughout the Ship
Time: 0715
Commenced Approach to Kas Tang Island, having easternmost island to port at 2000 yards
Time: 0718
MT 51, MT 52 Report Rounds at the______
Time: 0719
Air Contact Reported 053 Degrees (T) at 20,000 yards at_____
Time: 0721
Range to Kas Tang Island, Range to kas Tang 12.5 Miles
Time: 0723
Low Flyer Identified as U.S. P-3 Orion
Time: 0724
Black Smoke Sighted at 323 Degrees (T) on the NE Corner
the ____ Island-Helo Reported Down
Time: 0725
Low Flyer Sighted 034 Degrees (T), Approx 5 Miles
Time: 0728
Helo Identified as U.S. Force________ Shore of Kas Tang
Time: 0729
Left Standard Rudder, Course 335, Coming Left to Parallel North Shore of Kas Tang
Time: 0730
Left ___ 332 ___ 328 Range to Island is 3000 Yards
Identified USS Harold E Holt alongside USS Mayaguez, 2 Miles of N.W. Corner of Kas Tang Island
USS Harold E Holt Reports Marine Landing Party Was Put Onboard Mayaguez with No Resistance Ships Crew reported as Not On Board
Time: 0735 Sighted U.S. Helicopter Crashed on North Beach of the Island. MT 51 Trained to Cover Area of Helo Crash
Time: 0745
C/L/L 292 Red Flare Spotted by Lookout bearing 338 Degrees Relative in the Water range 1000 yards______ Group of Swimmers in the Water
Time: 0800 - 1200 (Continued)
Time: 0746
Time: 0748
A/A/Full 20 KTS
Time: 0750
A/A/S 15 KTS, 1B and 2A Boilers Taken Off Line
Time: 0751
A/A 2/3 10 KTS
Time: 0754
A/A 1/3 5 KTS
Time: 0757
R/10/R Course 311
Time: 0811
R/S/R 322
Steady 319
A/A 2/3 10 KTS Closing USS Harold E Holt, Alongside Mayaguez to pass between the ______ Mayaguez and the Shoreline
Time: 0809 A/A/1/3 M/T 2 KTS Gig Ordered to the Water to Rescue 6 Swimmers Spotted on Bearing 300 Degrees Relative
Time: 0810 All Stop Lookout Reports 3 More Swimmers on bearing 330 Degrees Relative Roughly Half Way to the Shore Line
MT 51 Trained Towards the Beach to Cover Downed Helo Crew and Marine Passengers
Time: 0811
Lookout Reports Empty Life Raft bearing 350 Degrees True One Half Mile beyond the Mayaguez Anchorage
Time: 0819
Get at the Rail
Lost Steerageway - Rudder is Right 30 Degrees
Time: 0820
Launched the Gig_____ Wilson One on SAR Effort with Crew of SIX - One Corpsman, One ____ Engineer, One Coxswain, Three Rifleman, Boat Officer is LTJG F H Naeve, SSN____________.
Time: 0824
L/FR Second Helo Approaching - 000 Degrees Relative
Maneuvering to Approach the Beach Line and Cover Wilson One While Making Pickup of Downed Helo Crew. Fathometer Reads 83 FT.
Time: 0825
Second Helo Approached the Beach but Drew Fire
Time: 0826
And Withdrew with Engine Fire, Departed for________
Rudder Amidships
Time: 0827
Left 10 Degrees Rudder Course 228
Approaching Three Swimmers for Rescue
Time: 0828
P/B/1/3 Fathometer Reads 70 FT
Time: 0829
Gig Completed Pickup of Distant Swimmers
Time: 0800 - 1200 (Continued)
Time: 0829
Ships Swimmers Entered Water to Assist Tired Swimmers, One of the Swimmers is Barely Able to Stay Afloat
Time: 0831 Lookout Reports Gun Fire from the NW Corner of the Island. Apparent Machine Gun Fire Directed at this Ship, There Were No Causalities
Time: 0834 Gig Enroute Ship but Diverted to rescue 2 More Swimmers
Time: 0836
Wilson One is approaching crossing from Starboard to Port
Time: 0840
Wilson One alongside to Assist Ships Swimmers with Crewmen
Time: 0841 U.S. Air Force F-4 Phantoms Commenced Bombing on Kas Tang
Time: 0842
Lookout Reports 3 Men at 100 Degrees Relative Swimming Towards the Ship
Time: 0845
Wilson One Departed for Continued Rescue Effort
Time: 0846 R/F/R Total Number of Rescued Crewman - 10
A/B 1/3 Ships Crewman, SK3____ , EWSN Muller, EMFN Johnston are Onboard
Time: 0851
S/STOP 330
Wilson One Completed Rescue of 3 Swimmers and Enroute USS Harold E Holt for Medical Assistance
P/A 2/3
S/B 2/3 A Total of 13 Rescued Military Personnel are Onboard Wilson
Time: 0903
A/STOP Wilson Positioned Between Beach Line and SS Mayaguez Anchorage
Time: 0910
Wilson One Underway from USS Harold E Holt with LT Judice, Navy Doctor Onboard
Time: 0915
L/F/Rudder 310
Lost Steerageway Left Full Rudder
Surface Contact Reported on a bearing of 298 Degrees True, 38,000 Yards
Time: 0921
Wilson One Alongside, Doctor Onboard
Time: 0925
Gig is at the _____
Time: 0926
Gig in Onboard
Time: 0928
R/F/R 040 Wilson Dispatched by COMDESRON 23 to Investigate Possible Gunboat Inbound Bearing 038 Degrees True 16,000 Yards
Time: 0930 P-3 reports passengers aboard craft identified as a Fishing Boat are Waving White Flags
Time: 0800 - 1200 (Continued) New Page
Underway as before
Time: 0937
C/R/L Course 047
Time: 0945
A/A 1/3 Holding present position to allow unidentified craft to close this ship MT 51 MT 52 Trained on Contact
Time: 0956
R/F/R Course 070 Commence Approach on Small Craft
Time: 0954
L/5/R Course 025 Contact Identified as Fishing Boat bearing 000 Degrees Relative, 5,000 yards
Time: 1000 A/ STOP Fishing Craft Alongside to Port Passengers have Identified Themselves as the Crew of the SS Mayaguez, All 40 Accounted for, Master is Charles Miller
Time: 1009
Began Transfer of Crewman to Wilson
Time: 1048
A/A/ 1/3 After Transferring Fuel and water to the Fishing Craft Wilson returning to Vicinity of Kas Tang to Transfer SS Mayaguez Crew to USS Harold E Holt
L/F/R Course 230
Time: 1115
Closing the Holt, SS Mayaguez in Tow behind Her Retreating from Kas Tang Island Vicinity
Time: 1118
Time: 1120
All STOP, Steady 346
Time: 1123
Gig is in the Water to Commence Passenger Transfer
Time: 1132
C/R/C Course 335
Time: 1139
Lost Steerageway, the Gig Returned for the Second Load of Crewman for Transfer to USS Harold E Holt
Time: 1142
M/T C/R Course 330 2 KTS, The Gig Departed
Time: 1154
Gig Secured Alongside Aft
Time: 1218
Gig Departed with Crewman and LT Miller
Time: 1237
All STOP Gig Approaching an Air Force Helo is Attempting Extraction on West Beach
Time: 1240
Left Full Rudder Course 250 Speed 777 Gig at the Rail
S/B 2/3
Time: 1242
A/A 2/3 Course 245
Time: 1253
A/A Standard Course 235 The Ship has Turned Towards Kas Tang Island
Left Full Rudder Course 180 Change Course 245 Gun Flashes Observed from the Beach Bearing 186 Range 2800 yards
Time: 1256
Left Standard Rudder Course 140 the Ship is now on Course to Parallel the Beach line, The Range to the Beach Approximately 1500 yards
Time: 1303
M/T Course 216 No Further Shooting Observed, No Causalities Onboard Wilson
Time: 1306
Time: 1313
P/A 1/3 Course 140 Speed 777
Time: 1314
S/B 1/3
Right Full Rudder Course 140
Time: 1315
Rudder Amidships
Time: 1317
Rudder Amidships Course 140 Making Turns to Reverse Course and Parallel the Beach on a NE Direction
Time: 1323 C/L/L Course 300 Air Force Spotter Aircraft and A7's Have Arrived, The Commanding Officer of the this Vessel has Requested Permission to Take Targets Under Fire
Time: 1324 P/R 1/3 Permission Granted to Open Fire, Batteries Released to Fire On Gun Emplacements in a Coordinated Attack with Air Force A7's
Time: 1325 P/STOP Commence Fire to Port with MT 51 and MT 52
Time: 1331
Lost Steerageway
Time: 1333 P/A 1/3 Ceased Fire 25 Rounds High Explosive Ammunition Expended, No Casualties, Target Reported Destroyed
Time: 1346 A7's are Continuing Rocket Attack to Provide Cover and Close Air Support for Marine Detachments now located and Pinned In________ on both North and West Beaches Approximate 1000 yards apart on the peninsula portion NW Corner of the Island
Time: 1403 New Target Provided by Spotters in A7 Aircraft. Batteries Released on Machine Gun Emplacements
Time: 1409
Time: 1411
P/A 1/3 Foul Bore in MT 51, Hot Gun Procedures Initiated
Time: 1415
Bore Clear MT 51
Time: 1417
Spotter Requested Barrage Prior to Helo Attempt to Extract Marines
Time: 1418 Continued Firing MT 52, MT 51 Has problem, Check Fire, 45 Rounds High Explosive Ammunition Expended, Second Gun Emplacement Destroyed, Second Machine Gun Nests and Bunker Reported Destroyed, MT 51 Has Foul Bore
Commence Cooling Barrel With Salt Water Hose
Time: 1444 C/R/C Course 330 Helicopter Rescue Attempt Unsuccessful, Helo Withdrew Due to Heavy Fire from the Beach
Time: 1450
C/C 335
Time: 1451 Commence Fire on General Area, Fire Spotter Walk Fire Down the Beach to Soften Destroy Dispersed Enemy Positions
Time: 1200 - 1600 (Continued)
Underway at General Quarters as Before
Time: 1514 Check Fire - 41 Rounds High Explosive Expended from MT 52, No Casualties
Time: 1517
Time: 1518 P/R 1/3 Cancel Check Fire - Commence Fire MT 52, Check Fire, 12 Rounds High Explosive Expended from MT 52, No Casualties
Time: 1538
Time: 1607
A/A 1/3
Time: 1622
Right Full Rudder Course 220
Time: 1626 Preparing to take Under Fire One Enemy Swift Boat Half On the Beach Half on the Water, About 500 yards East of the Position Held by U.S. Marines, Spotters Suspect it as Position of Enemy Machine Gun Delivering Heavy Fire on Past Extraction Attempt.
Time: 1631 Commence Fire, Gunnery Assistant LTJG Stephen Jackman Spotting from his Vessel
Time: 1634 Cease Fire, 19 Rounds Expended, No Casualties, Target Destroyed with Large Secondary Explosions, Spotter Airborne Witnessed 5 Occupants of the Gunboat Appear on Deck in the Last fleeting Instant Before Analiation
Time: 1637
P/B 1/3
Time: 1638 All STOP Received Request from Airborne Spotter to Continue Fire to Prepare for Another Extraction Attempt
Time: 1641 Commence Fire with MT 52 to Starboard
Time: 1646 Ceased Fire, 13 Rounds High Explosive Expended, No Causalities, Two Secondary Explosions Noted By Spotter
Time: 1703
Left Full Rudder Course 120 Commenced Turn to Parallel Beach in SE Direction
Time: 1714
All STOP Air Force C-130 Dropped Two 15k Bombs
Time: 1745 Gig is at the Rail LTJG Larry Hall is Boat Officer, A crew has been Selected and Armed with M-60's and M-14's. Their mission is to Approach the Beach, Draw and Suppress Fire During the Next Attempted Helo Extraction of the Marines and Rescue Down Helo Personnel Missing
Time: 1746 All Ahead 2/3's The Ship is Closing the Distance to the Beach Line to 1600 Yards
Time: 1745 All STOP Set the Helo Detail, The Gig is Away to Close the Beach to 600 Yards
Time: 1802
The Gig is on Station
Time: 1804 Two Air Force Helo's Have Approached the Area Just to the East of the Gig and have Opened Suppression Fire with More Guns and 20MM Canon. The Gig has Also Opened Fire and is Closing the Beach
Time: 1807 Enemy Positions Have Opened Fire on the Gig and Supporting Helicopter with Strongpoint Exposed, Suppression Fire is now____ Concentrated on Enemy Positions and Retraction Helo Has Made It's Approach
Time: 1813 Receiving Heavy Fire from the Beach, The Gig is now in Retreat. Air Force Gunship is Still Delivering Suppression Fire
Time: 1821 SAR Helo Has Departed Beach, Position Under Heavy Fire. Rescue Attempt Successful 26 Marines Onboard. Air Force Gunships Departed. The Gig has been Directed to Proceed Around the NW Tip of the Island to Assist with the Next 8 Rescue Effort on the West Beach
Time: 1827
Helicopters are Visible making Approaches and ____ on the Western Shore. Executed Sunset, Aircraft Warning Lights are on
Time: 1845
All Ahead 2/3's Course 230 The Ship is Proceed Around Northern Tip of the Island to Assist with the Extraction on West Beach
Time: 1858
L Stand Course 205 Steady on Course Parallel to Beach Line 2000 Yards Distant
Time: 1859 The Gig has Opened Fire on the Enemy Gun Positions Providing Suppression Fire
Time: 1916 Air Force C-130 Gun Ships Have dropped Illumination Flares and are Delivering Cannon Fire to Positions Surrounding US Marines Beach Position
Time: 1930
Helo Landing Area Has been ____ By Shell Fire Light
Time: 1936 Helo Extraction Effort Commenced. Several Helicopters Have Made Approaches and Picked Up Troops Under Heavy Fire from Small Arms. Reports Indicate One Load of Marines Still Remain
Time: 2000 - 2400
Time: 1944
M/T Speed 2 KTS Two Illumination Flares Dropped
Time: 2003
The Last Load of marines is Departing the Beach by Helo, Rescue Efforts Completed
Time: 2011 All Ahead 1/3 Course 090 Secure the Helo Detail, The Ship is Closing the beach to Retrieve the Gig
Time: 2015
All Ahead 2/3's
Time: 2016
Right Standard Rudder Course 100
Time: 2016
Time: 2028
The Gig is at the rail with Crewman All Accounted For No Injuries Sustained
Time: 2030
All Ahead 1/3
L/L/C Course 270 10 KTS The Ship is Departing the Island Vicinity
Time: 2039
Set Material Condition Yoke
Time: 2048
Left Standard Rudder Course 200
Time: 2050
Right Standard Rudder Course 230 The Ship is Proceeding to Rendezvous with USS Coral Sea
Time: 2051
Secure from General Quarters
(155) - Rounds of 5" 54 High Explosive Rounds Expended




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