USS HENRY B. WILSON DDG-7 Photos  (pg 1)


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Lawrence D. Caney’s graduation picture in the USNA yearbook of 1943


















Back: L - R / LTjg Nelson, LTjg Boyd, LTjg Holt, LTjg McConville, LT McLaughlin, LTjg Hulderman, LTjg Busenlehner, Ens Pollock, LTjg Goodman
                                                  Front L - R / LCDR Orzalli, Lt Hague, LTjg Nace, CDR Caney, LCDR Shanahan, LTjg GAllager, Ens Collette, LCDR Dallaire 

Plank Officers





























 Pictures from Frank Parker Shakedown Cruise Feb and Mar of 1961

Pictures from Winston Jagger EM2 Plank

John Wright 1969-1970 picture additions

Robert C. Aanderund Pictures in Combat 1972 August

Richard Chambers MM3 9 July1964 - 15 August 1966

Rough Weather, and Shooting Guns and Missiles (download)

Pic's from Jerry Cox - (below)


Jerry's Plate 2009

  submitted by Thomas Dietzman 1971


                                                                                 Sub by: Clifford Rodgers  71-73 GMG2

                                                                                                Sherman Sims RM3,1969 -1970

 Apr 75 until July 76.   Jack Miller  EMC, ret.


Jay F. Amsler FCC, USN RET

                                                                Water Hours and Olongapo....That West-Pac '81 was a helluva time!

Winston Jagger's EM2 Plank Plate

Bob Shubin FTM2 Plank

Bob Shubin FTM2 Plank



Midway Island, July 1971 - Mike Powers

from Mike Powers Subic Bay



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