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1st   Commander L.D. Caney                          1961 Shakedown        Cruise Book on web site
1st  Commander L.D. Caney                          1962 Westpac             Cruise Book on web site
2nd  Commander D. C. Redgrave
3rd  Commander W. C. Harris
4th  Commander E. L. West
5th  Commander Edward M. Cocke                1966-67                       Cruise Book on web site
6th  Commander Eugene I. Finke                    1968                           
Cruise Book on web site
7th  Commander Henry C. Mustin                  1969-70                       Cruise Book on web site
8th  Commander Charles G. Farnham            1971                             Cruise Book on web site
9th   Commander Robert L. Jensen
10th Commander J. Michael Rodgers            1975                          
Cruise book on web site
11th Commander R. T. S. Keith, Jr.               1976-77                      Cruise Book on web site
12th Commander Eugene S. Dvornick
13th Commander William J. Hill                     1979-80                       Cruise Book on web site
14th Commander C. van der Schroef
15th Captain John Thomas Gilmartin             1984                            Cruise book on web site
16th Commander Thomas H. Berns               1986-87                       Cruise Book on web site
17th Commander N. Glen Berree                                                    
18th Commander David L. Johnson             
1988-89                         Cruise Book on web site


Cruise Books known to have been published:

** 1961   Winston Jagger

** 1962   D. Marks

** 1966-67  Ray Kenoyer / Tim Ten Eyck

** 1968  Eugene I. Finke / * Tim Ten Eyck

** 1969-70 
Micheal A. Moore

** 1971
Micheal A. Moore

  * 1975  Kevin Brown

**  1976-77 Larry Coburn / * Kevin Brown 

**  1979-80  Jason Couch

 *  1984 Robert A Henry

** 1986-87  Greg Martin

*  1988-89  David Johnson

*  Cruise Books in our possession
** Returned to the owner


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Commissioned: 17 December 1960
Decommissioned: 2 October 1989
DATE OF DEPARTURE                     DATE OF RETURN                             AREA OF OPERATION
February 1961 (11-60)                          May 1961 (4-61)                                    See “Shakedown Cruise”
6 January 1962                                      19 July 1962                                           WestPac
17 October 1963                                    16 April 1964                                         WestPac
4 June 1965                                            24 November 1965                                WestPac/Vietnam
5 November 1966                                  2 August 1967                                      WestPac/Vietnam
9 February 1968                                    24 August 1968                                    WestPac/Vietnam
13 October 1969                                    15 April 1970                                         WestPac/Vietnam
11 June 1971                                          18 December 1971                                WestPac/Vietnam
DDG7/WCC:wc 5750 Ser 07 of 22 Feb 1973    1 February 1973                                   WestPac/Vietnam
30 January 1975                                    2 September 1975                                 WestPac/Vietnam
10 August 1976                                    21 March 1977                                      WestPac
8 August 1979                                      14 February 1980                                  WestPac
27 February 1981                                  21 September 1981                               WestPac
16 March 1984                                      2 October 1984                                      WestPac
15 September 1986                               14 March 1987                                      WestPac/IO
2 December 1988                                  1 June 1989                                           WestPac/IO

Note:  Operations by the ship in local waters along the West Coast and also in Hawaii were not considered major overseas deployments.  Deployments begin on the date of departure from home port and end on the date of turn to home port.


1961 First Cruise Book Winston Jagger                                                         1962  Dan Marks

Vice Admiral John "Jack" Shanahan, Jr., February 3, 1923 - September 10, 2013

Captain Jack Orzalli September 4, 1930 - October 3 2015

9 July 1964 - 15 Aug 1966 R. Chambers


1966 - 67  Ray Kenoyer  / Tim Ten Eyck                                1968  Captain Eugene I. Finke / Tim Ten Eyck RD3 
                                                                                                                           Captain Fink Obituary


 1969-70  Micheal A. Moore                                                                         1971 Micheal A. Moore
Pictures from John Wright (click)



Commander Robert L. Jensen, commanding officer of the of the San Diego based guided missile destroyer USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7), received the Silver Star Medal during underway ceremonies 26 November 1972.  The ship was steaming in the South China Sea when the nation’s fourth highest military decoration was presented by Capt. Paul H. Dallman, Commander Destroyer Squadron Twenty Nine.

The award was given as a result of Cdr. Jensen’s actions during a daylight raid on 9 August 1972, against the heavily fortified Vinh Quanq area of North Vietnam.

The citation read in part: “Upon arrival in the target area, USS Henry B. Wilson came under heavy hostile fire.  Despite the intense and accurate enemy fire, Cdr. Jensen continued to close the rand to the primary target.  Upon reaching the pre-determined firing position he opened fire and completely destroyed over 100,000 rounds of large caliber ammunition. With his ship receiving shrapnel from the increasing number of hostile rounds straddling and falling close aboard he skillfully maneuvered his ship to the safety of open waters. Cdr. Jensen’s superb seamanship, courage and devotion to duty reflected great credit on himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”  (Submitted by Bill Ogden)


              1975  Kevin Brown                                                                    1976 - 77  Larry Coburn / Kevin Brown   


             1979 - 1980 Jason Couch                                      1984  Robert A. Henry                                      Craig Durgin 1985

Photos from Jeffrey MealsGMG3, USS Henry B, Wilson 1987-1989


  1986 - 1987  Gregory Martin                                                     Final Cruise 1988-89  Commander David Johnson

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