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2007 Cruise Reunion


v Reunion  2007     8  - 12 October v

109 Attending our Cruise Memorial Reunion


The DoubleTree was selected for people arriving a day before the cruise.   The hotel is located at the San Pedro Marina and is one mile from the Los Angeles World Cruise Center in Long Beach, CA.   We negotiated a good rate including breakfast and shuttle to/from the Cruise Center.  The rate was offered to include a few days before and a few days after the cruise for those who wanted to sightsee in the area.   This was a”Park n’ Cruise” hotel. 

We choose Royal Caribbean Cruise Line as it was the only cruise to include San Diego and since that was the Wilson’s home port, we just had to include it.  Our cruise ship was The Monarch of the Seas which had excellent cabins, food, staff, and service.

We boarded on Monday at 1200 and greeted everyone in a conference room to pass out their Welcome Aboard envelopes.  A movie was playing made by Don Getz (68) while he was onboard the Wilson showed the “ceremony” crossing over the Equator.  At 1600 everyone was to report to their lifeboat stations for the safety drill.  We got underway at 1700. Then it was time for dinner! 

The following morning we were in San Diego and had a special tour arranged for that morning on the USS BENFOLD DDG-65 with 75 attending.   Buses picked us up at 1000 to take us to the 32nd Street Naval Base.  This was a newer destroyer and the areas toured were of great interest to all.  The Captain, CDR. Andrew Hesser, greeted each deck and our one attending Captain, Captain. Eugene I Finke was rung aboard.  A reception was offered in the Mess Deck of fruit, cheese, drinks, and desserts.

The next day, we were in Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island.  Many people went ashore via tenders to shop, tour the Wrigley Mansion, have lunch, see the museum at the Casino.  Our weather was perfect with calm seas and sunny skies.  As we left Catalina, we held a brief Memorial Service for the USS HENRY B. WILSON DDG-7 and fellow shipmates that have passed, as we crossed longitude line 118° which was the closest we could get to her resting place of 031° 33' 00.0" North, 119° 53' 00.0" West, Depth: 1336 fathoms 129 Miles off San Diego.

Thursday brought us into Ensenada, Mexico.  Most went ashore to shop and sightsee for the day.  And then we started our voyage back to Long Beach to disembark on Friday morning.

Great times, great ship, and great people made this reunion a huge success.  We are busy planning our 4th reunion for October 2008.................hopefully, on the east coast.

                                                                                                                           Monarch of the Seas

Be one of the first to experience the recent stem-to-stern renovation of Monarch of the Seas. Departing from L.A. year-round, this remarkable 2,744-guest cruise ship sets sail for the ultimate Baja cruise vacation. In addition to the spectacular on-shore excitement, you'll enjoy Monarch's state-of-the-art features, like the new, oversized spa and fitness center, specialty Asian-fusion cuisine at Jade, a make-your-own pizzeria, and, of course, Royal Caribbean's signature rock-climbing wall.
Ship Facts
Maiden voyage: November 17,  1991             
Passenger capacity: 2,744                
Gross tonnage: 73,941
            Length: 880’
            Bean 106’
            Draft 25’
            Cruising speed: 19 knots


      State Year Friends/Relatives of
1 Birzer Tony & Elizabeth KS 73-78  
2 Boyd Jim & Charlsie AR 60-63 P  
3 Brennan Robert & Patricia NJ 60-61 P  
4 Brown Kevin & Anna CA 75-78  
5 Clark Roger & Becky WI 60-64 P  
6 Coburn Larry & Jeannie CA 62-66  
7 Cowles William & Stephanie TX 67-68  
8 Cox Jerry IL 66-69  
9 DeVore Ken & Carolyn CA 63-68  
10 Elliott Mike & Cathy IN n/a Dan Marks
11 Ellis Jay & Mary CA 66-70  
12 Engle Spence & Sally AZ 61-67  
14 Finke Gene & Connie TX 68-69  
15 Forrester Brian AZ n/a Cruise Holidays Agent
16 Gaudig Jay & Ann CA 63-66  
17 Gottfried Paul & Lynda & Andrew AZ 74-77  
18 Gottfried Michael & Sylvia, Lydia & Kevin   n/a Paul Gottfried
19 Gottfried Seth & Holly   n/a Paul Gottfried
20 Grantz Tim & Pam MO 72-75  
21 Graves Harry CA 60-62 P  
22 Grissom Ray & Wailing CA 63-65  
23 Jagger Winston CO 60-63 P  
24 Jenkins Chuck  AZ 70-72  
25 Jones John & Sally MD 71-73  
26 Keeton Michael & Rosalie OH 60-63 P  
27 Klaphake Ron & Penny AZ 68-70  
28 Levin Larry & Vicky CA 62-65  
29 Marks Dan & Penney CA 61-63 P  
30 Miller Dennis & Debbie IL 72-75  
31 Mischel Don & Jean CA 60-63 P  
32 Moore Mike  MO 68-72  
33 Nors Marvin & Joan TX 60-64 P  
34 Paulson Dave & Sam (son) MN 87-decom  
35 Perez Juan& Charlotte CA 64-69  
36 Phillips Paula & Rita Mead  KS n/a Tom Reiter
37 Rapp David & Vonnel  ID 71-74  
38 Reed Gary & Moncella FL 62-66  
39 Reisinger Ken & Pat Poehler NV 74-78  
40 Reiter Tom & Melanie OH 72-75  
41 Ruegsegger Duane & Kae OK 73-75  
42 Rumsey Dora  WA n/a Gary Reed
43 Schenamsgruber Bob & Joan  AZ 60-63 P  
44 Schenamsgruber Jerry & Esther    n/a Bob Schenamsgruber
45 Schmidt Terry & Sandi IL 71-72  
46 Shapiro Norman & Sandra CA 61-62  
47 Snell Jay & Barbara NE 69-71  
48 Stegall Chuck & Janie   n/a Schenamsgruber
49 Stevens Stanley & Sylvia OK 71-75  
50 Stewart Wayne & Carol WA 72-75  
51 Stoker Robert & Kay CA 65-67  
52 Tassin Terry & Fran AZ 71-73  
53 Teneyck Tim & Sheila CA 66-68  
54 Vansant Ken & Emily OR 61-64  
55 Walton Mike  KY 73-75  
56 Wheelis Bill & Tammie TX 78-84  
57 Wiger Clark  IA 73-75  
58 Wiig Harold & Janice Strows CA 60-63 P  
59 Wills Phil & Barbara IN 65-69  
60 Wooten Howard CA 60-61 P