USS H. B. WILSON DDG-7 -  Westpac 1971 (LINEBACKER)

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 1 2345Linebacker OP67

Not certain how the attached will come through, as they are scans from other scans; but here's a stab at it.

The attached are composites from DRT traces in the CTF 75 flagship PROVIDENCE made during gunfire raids (Operation LINEBACKER) during August 1972 (with HBW participating in raids on 1, 3, 4, 7, and 9 Aug).  Having left HBW in January of '72, I became Ops Officer of the CRUDESGRU serving as CTF 75 during the Summer of '72.  We selected the targets, participating ships, and raid profiles for the nightly raids against the North Vietnam coast.  The actual DRT traces were given to the Naval Historical Center (filed under the Collection "Farnum (sic), CAPT Charles G. Papers").  More detailed description of the LINEBACKER procedures during 1972 is available if any of the history buffs are interested.

Chuck Farnham