1987 -  1989
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Submitted by Jeffrey Meals GMG3 1987-1989
CWO2  2012 

USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7) Dec 1988

Main deck awash in heavy seas returning from deployment gulf of Alaska 1989

Viewing of USS Fox while chasing the Soviet Udaloy

Shadowing Soviet Udaloy class warship in the Indian Ocean 1989

Pattaya Beach liberty boat sign

Lookout Duty SoCal Ops1988

Jeffrey Meals Lookout Duty

Heavy seas returning from deployment gulf of Alaska 1989

HBW underway South Pacific 1989

HBW stationery

Deployment personnel xfer 1989

Deployment mail call 1989

Deployment high line xfer 1989

Deployment missile maintenance 1989


1989 Hawaiian Missile Shoot prep

1989 Hawaiian Missile Shoot

Battlegroup Delta pierside Seattle May 1989

5 inch spent brass

Collecting spent brass J Meals 1989 deployment


At Anchor Catalina Island 1988


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