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From: Frank Parker []
Sent: Sunday, June 04, 2017 7:04 PM
Subject: Pictures from DDG7 Shakedown cruise


Hi Dan, and thanks for returning my call.  Iím attaching the first set of pics that I took in Feb and Mar of 1961 when I was assigned to ride Wilson as the Boston Naval Shipyard representative.  I graduated with the class of 57 at USNA, and BNS was my last duty station prior to transferring to the Naval Reserve later that year.  I was single, the Korean war was over, and nobody had heard of Vietnam in 1961.  As a southern boy, I couldnít understand much of what people were saying in Boston, and Alan Shepard had just taken his first flight into space that year Ė so I decided to go off active duty and join our countryís space program.  The trip aboard Wilson was very enjoyable, and I hope some of these pictures will fill in some blanks for the shakedown cruise on your excellent website.  Here are the first set of pics that Iím attaching to this first message:


click on pics to see larger view


Frank at work at BNS                                                                                                                    

Tartar missile launcher                                                                              Loading missiles                                             


ASROC launcher

Loading Ammo                                                                       Off southern Cuba

Entering GTMO harbor                                                                     Nearing Colon, Panama

Canal Entrance                                                                                                Approaching the 1st Locks


Entering Gatun Locks                                                                                 Inside Gatun Lock

 Leaving Gatun locks                                                                               On Gatun Lake-Panama

Traffic on Gatun Lake                                                                         Entering Gaillard Cut

Close Quarters                                                                                             Quite a ditch they dug

 Approaching 2nd locks                                                                                    In Pedro Miguel locks

Approaching Miraflores locks                                                          Heading to sea level

 Locks control bldg                                                                             Locks open to Pacific side

 Farewell to USS Wilson


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