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Hello All,

With sadness, I am writing to you all a quick E-mail message to let you know of the passing on Friday evening ( May 6, 2011 ) of a wonderful fellow Henry B. Wilson shipmate; Edward Kaufman; age 72, due to leukemia. His wife, Nancy, expressed gratitude for my offer of notifying as many of his Navy buddies as I have active contact with and have E-mails for.The rest will be notified by phone.I believe that a few of you already know of Ed's passing.  

Ed wasn't feeling very well for a while now which is why he skipped the last ship's reunion in Norfolk last October although he had originally planned to go. While Ed had leukemia for a while, he managed to keep it subdued until the very end when it finally caught up with him rather quickly. He died peacefully surrounded by family and friends.

While no actual funeral is planned, a memorial service will be held in Ed''s honor at the Jehovah's Witnesses Temple in Westminster, Maryland this next Saturday May 14th at 1300 hundred hours in the afternoon. In lieu of flowers, his family would prefer that any donations be made in Ed's memory with the Jehovah's Witnesses of Westminster. The contact information is:

                      Jehovah's Witnesses of Westminster
                      1131 South Pleasant Valley Road
                      Westminster, Maryland 21158
                      410: 857-0364.

For those of you wishing to extend their sympathies to his wife, Nancy, her contact information is:

                       Mrs Nancy Kaufman
                       1110 Yorkshire Way
                       Westminster, Maryland 21157

Ed was an individual who was a true family man, friend, and patriot. There wasn't anything that Ed wouldn't do for anyone. It was a pleasure and an honor to have known him. He was truly loved by all who knew him and he will be missed very much.

David Waite


    USS HENRY B. WILSON DDG-7 NAVY Passed       
Last Name First Name Plank Years Rank Years Rank Rate        
Bales Dickie           Dec 2009      
Barchard Wayne   63              
Blackburn Dewey   72-78 BT            
Boyd James X 60-62 LTJG   CDR Nov 2008      
Brooks C.E.   64-65              
Brown Ben           1988      
Caney Lawrence X 59-63 CDR 42-82 Captain 20 Nov 2009 1921 July -  2009 Nov
Curtis Jack   66-70   51-71 CS1        
Dodge Phillip   79-80 MM2            
Edwins Jim   76-80 LTJG            
Gallagher J.T. X 60 ENS            
German Robert   71              
Goodman M.E. X 60 LTJG            
Hill William J.   79-81 CDR            
Hornaday Gregory   60              
Hulderman George X 60-63 LTJG   LCDR        
Jones Jerry                  
Jordan Steve   75-77 BT3            
Kaufman Ed   61-62 SF3 58-62   6 May 2011      
Levin Larry   62-65 SN 62-65 SN March 2009      
McCurry Michael Steven X 60-62 STG3 60-65 GM2        
Phillips Danny   72-74 EM2            
Pollock Preston G.                  
Pope Tommy X 60-64 BM3            
Redgrave DeWitt C.   62-63 Capt            
Robinson Rickie L.   65-69 BTCM            
Rolfe Weldon Arthur   72-77 FTCG 61-88 MCPO        
Scroggins Ronald   60-62              
Smallwood Greg   76-77              
Stacy James                  
Thorsead Stanley X   GM3            
Walker Harold C.   68-70 MRC 52-72 MRC        
Zeller Roger   61-65 YNC            




From: Brian Duffy []
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 3:08 PM
Subject: USS HENRY B. Wilson DDG-7


Dear Wilson Shipmates,

I am sad to tell you that my Dear Brother, Dennis Francis Xavier Duffy, has

passed away earlier today (about 4:30 AM) at the Morristown (NJ) Memorial Hospital. 

Denny was 62 years old.  He was a Wilson Crewmember who was very pleased

and proud to have served with all of his Wilson Shipmates.


                                                                                      Brian J. Duffy