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USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG -7)

Reunion in planning stages at a Commissioning of a DDG
2019 Fall or 2020 - To Be Announced

Award of Navy Contract to Overhaul the USS HENRY B WILSON (DDG-7)  10 MAR 1983                                                             

Deck Log & Pictures
May 15, 1975
Time: 0000 2051
from CWO4 (Ops Tech)/LT (LDO) Surf Ops Jim Hoey


U.S. Navy Hit & Run Gunfire Strikes on North Vietnam (1973 - Restored)

interesting link from Gill McKay , STG2  submitted 26 Feb 2018

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Side Launch BAY CITY, MI

time: 1250 - date: 22 April 1959 First DDG hits the water

At the moment of the breaking of her commissioning pennant, the USS H. B. Wilson DDG-7
became the responsibility of Captain L. D. Caney (ret) who, together with the ships company,
then had the duty of making and keeping her constantly ready for any service
demanded by our Country in peace or war.

Plank Captain Caney - Passed Away - 20 November 2009

Vice Admiral John "Jack" Shanahan, Jr., February 3, 1923 - September 10, 2013

Commissioned 17 December 1960

Boston Naval Shipyard, Boston Massachusetts


2nd Commander D. C. Redgrave
3rd Commander W. C. Harris
4th Commander E. L. West
5th Commander Edward M. Cocke
6th Commander Eugene I. Finke
7th Commander Henry C. Mustin
8th Commander Charles G. Farnham
9th Commander Robert L. Jensen
10th Commander J. Michael Rodgers
11th Commander R. T. S. Keith, Jr.
12th Commander Eugene S. Dvornick
13th Commander William J. Hill
14th Commander C. van der Schroef
15th Commander John T. Gilmartin
16th Commander Thomas H. Berns
17th Commander N. Glen Berree
18th Commander David L. Johnson

Decommissioned 2 October 1989



















 To hear Theme Song, "Magnificent Seven" Open this home page with Internet Explorer
or click link Magnificent Seven

A link to Captain Caney's  -  his fathers favorite's from WW I era

Lyric by J. Will Callahan, 1874-1946
Music by Lee S. Roberts, 1884-1949
Published 1917:  Jerome H. Remick & Co, New York


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